"Color Study 3”, textured mixed media abstract by Colorado contemporary mixed media artist Carol Nelson © Carol Nelson Fine Art

color Study 3, 10x8 acrylic by Carol Nelson

So, what is this Color Study series, you may ask?  It's playing with design, composition, and color combinations on 8x10 wc paper.  If I come up with something I really like (they're not ALL my favorites), they may end up painted on canvas or panel in a larger format.

These studies are an excellent way to learn composition, try new things, and practice mixing your paints in an informal way.  I see many students in my classes who have not taken the time to really get to know their paints.

If you create a dud on 8x10 wc paper, who cares?  If your dud is 24x30, you end up very frustrated and your POCKETBOOK CARES!

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Sue Marrazzo said...

A WOW!!!!!

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

I love the experiment! I also AGREE!! Experimentation is the BEST! When you do these with your students, do you talk about typical compositions...ie...cruciform...etc? I am working on this for me, but think it is an excellent teaching exercise! YOU go girl!

Ricardo Colugnatti said...

All this wonderful work is amazing!

Brenda Kay said...

Wow, I really like this one. As always, your color and composition are appealing.