"Make a Wish" mixed media abstract paitning © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Make a Wish" 10x4 inch abstract by Carol Nelson

This is another demo piece I did for students in my studio class.
The center section is actually one of my foam plate abstracts, but when I added it to the textured substrate board, it looked like a tree to me.

I did a controlled resin pour on the center, so it is shiny and has wonderful depth of colors.  The upper and lower sections are textured with a matte finish.

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Anonymous said...

I love the paintings on your page, the colours are beautifully blended something I wish I could do.I.m a late starter at painting (i.m 74yrs old)and I love to look at the tutorials on u tube. I think your work is stunning and wonder do you do a utube tutorials. Thank you Annie