"New World Trilogy" mixed media abstract triptych © Carol Nelson Fine Art

I love tall skinny canvases and panels - maybe because it's what I am not.  These measure 6 inches wide by 48 inches tall.  For some reason, composition is a breeze with this size.

I started out with some gold metal leaf in a random pattern on my black gessoed panels.  The stripes are Golden fine pumice gel that I used a sculpting tool to make stripes.

I messed around with some corrugated paper - some painted blue green, but decided to try fiber paste.  I also antiqued the gold leaf using raw umber and wiping most of it off.

Then I added Blended Fibers by Liquitex.  It dries transparent, but when you paint on it, it has texture and absorbs the paint differently than the black gessoed surface.

The rest of the panels was painted with Golden Fluid Acrylics in black, white, raw umber, and Paynes gray. I was going for a muted palette where the metal leaf is the star.  I'm in the process of adding epoxy resin to the metal leaf areas only.  I think the play of shiny and matte surfaces will be good.

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