"C5," mixed media wall sculpture © Carol Nelson Fine Art


You're probably saying to yourself, What the heck is THAT?!  It's my latest wall sculpture.  It has rusted stuff, burlap, and some other things mounted on a 4x4 inch wood panel.

I got the idea from reading about Nkisi - an ancient art form from a tribe in the Congo.  They used a lot of nails in their figures which
were thought to contain spirits.

There's an artist in the U.K. by the name of Wayne Chisnall that has based some of his work on the Nkisi too.  His boxes are amazing.

As you can see, the nails are carefully rusted before use.  The circular part at the bottom of my sculpture is made from glue from a glue gun.  When it gets hard, you can paint it with iron paint and rust it as if it were metal.  So cool.

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Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Genius! Love the rusty effects as well as the colours you chose to paint with, you always amaze me!