"C3" mixed media 3D wall sculpture with found objects © Carol Nelson Fine Art


This is my latest "combination", as Robert Rauschenberg called his 3D work.  It is a collection of found objects and miscellaneous junk.  I painted each object with Iron Paint (Modern Masters) and then applied the activator to create rust.

It makes anything - paper, plastic, wood, metal - look like rusted metal.  I love the look. 

These are really fun to make, but more complicated than I originally thought.  Each one is a little construction project.  It's not that easy to get everything arranged in a visually pleasing, yet physically stable, configuration.

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RosalieG said...

Just how do you make them physically stable? Looks like a fun way to do art.

Carol Nelson said...

Some parts a nailed, some glued on a wood artist panel. They ARE fragile, however - not meant for bouncing around.