February Newsletter from Carol Nelson Fine Art

Hello Subscribers and Art Lovers,


Some artists have a beautiful, neat studio to
work in.  Mine is always in a state of chaos. 
Part of the reason for that is because I work in
mixed media, where every scrap of paper, or fabric,
or miscellaneous junk COULD end up in a painting,
so I have to hold on to it.

I just got back from a workshop in Texas at the
Wenmohs Ranch.  Dena Wenmohs runs a fabulous
art program on her ranch, and is fabulous in her
own right, so it's always fun to go there. 

My next workshop is in Dallas, at the Midtown
Gallery.  It's nice to go someplace
warmer during our winter months.


New work:

This painting, "Ancient Mysteries" is a 36x40 painting I
just completed.  It was a struggle, because it's a little
outside my normal earthy palette.  Pink and mauve are not
my favorite hues, but somehow they showed up in this
work.  There's a lot of paint layers underneath the
surface as I struggled to find the right mix.
The good news is that this painting was named Outstanding
Abstract in the Bold Brush Painting Competition.  Woot!


This is another new one called "Arroyo".  It's a
triptych on 3 wood panels, each measuring 48x12
inches.  The cool thing about this painting is the
use of real stones in a bed of clear epoxy resin.
An arroyo is a dry streambed that sometimes fills
with water, and I wanted to painting something
resembling that. 


Just sold:


My dentist bought this one in return for services.
How often do you leave the dentist with a new crown
AND a check?!?


"Southern Relic"

This painting features a piece of rusted metal that
I found in a gutter in the French Quarter in New
Orleans.  I told the buyer in Texas that it had
probably been peed and puked on during Mardi Gras,
but she wanted the painting anyway.


    "Blue Grove 2"

This is another in my tree series, and has a lot of
texture in the foliage.  It went to a collector in


I've already got 4 workshops scheduled for 2015 in
Texas, California, Nebraska, and Texas again. I will 
get them posted soon.

My workshops in Phoenix next summer at the Art
Unraveled extravaganza are filling fast, so don't
delay if you were thinking of that venue.

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and emails.
It means a lot to me to hear your meaningful thoughts.

March is coming up, so that means spring is around the
corner (unless you live in my home town, Duluth, MN,
where they've had the most severe winter in decades.)

Warm regards,

email: carol@carolnelsonfineart.com


Barb Pagani said...

Hi Carol,

I love the one that you traded for services at your dentist. It is stunning.

Egretta Wells blog said...

Carol, I love your paintings. However, I cannot read your information on that grey background. I am not being critical, just telling you because there may be others who can't read it either or perhaps it is just me. I will still be looking at your art work, though.

Rex Sanford said...

I am enanmored with your work. I find it stunning in it's apparent simple approach, yet when viewed you realize the complexity. Thank you for all of your work! Rex