"Layers 3", revised, mixed media abstract collage © CArol Nelson Fine Art

"Layers 3" 8x8 inch mixed media collage

This is the new version of a painting I did last month.  The only difference is the addition of the black circular squiggles.  I admit to being terrified of gestural marks such as these - ESPECIALLY if the painting beneath is already done. 

It would be easy to really screw up a half way decent painting by adding these quick marks that cannot be easily controlled.  Their beauty is in their spontaneous flow of movement.

So these were done as an acrylic skin on a sheet of plastic.  The black lines are dimensional paint (Tulip and Lumiere are two brands).
After the dimensional lines are dry, cover them with soft gel gloss, clear self leveling gel, or clear tar gel - all Golden products, although other manufacturers make similar products. 

You end up with the black lines (in this case) in a sheet of clear acrylic that you can cut up, and arrange on your painting any way you choose.

original version
Here's a view of some other squiggles I have ready to go.

The beige background is the wood of the table.

For more information about this painting, click here to go to my website.


Cheap Oil Paintings said...

I loved this post!

Jane Perala said...

I love the addition of the squiggles - thanks for the "how to" as well.

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...

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The Crow said...

I'm learning some valuable things, visiting your blog. I am fascinated by your process as much as by your results.

Thanks for this, Carol.

Louise said...

Great tip Carol. Thank you for sharing it!

Leada Wood said...

The gestural lines really added to the painting. Thanks for sharing your technique!

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Love this idea, it gives you that control and it' adds to the texture! Brilliant!