Golden's Glass Bead Gel

I have a new love: Golden's Glass Bead Gel.  Suspended in soft gel gloss are tiny spherical glass beads.  I'd say each one is about the size of the period in this sentence - maybe a little larger.

When view from certain angles, they all refract the light.  It's really cool looking, and difficult to capture on film.

More to follow...............


Sue Marrazzo said...

I agree...I use the glass beads often!
It is so dimensional and great when you want to add highlight or texture.
YOUR close-ups look awesome( :
I would like to see the whole art piece!!!!

Deborah Lambson said...

oh my..
I'm a lampwork artist so its the 'glass beads' that caught my attention. This piece is wonderful wonderful..I love the texture, the colors, the use of light..all beautiful.