Visual Language visits Carol Nelson's studio

Here I am in the uncontrolled chaos of my studio.  See the article in the latest issue of Visual Language about a visit to my studio.

The article is on pages 92 - 100.  There is also an ad for my upcoming Denver area workshop on page 136.  The first session filled up so quickly, we added a second session on Feb 8-9, at Kimberly Conrad's Boardinghouse Studio.

I look wistfully at the beautiful studios some artists have.  But they are not mixed media artists!  When you're into mixed media, you have to save every piece of crap you come across.  OK, that's a little harsh.  But it IS crap, until you turn it into a masterpiece (perhaps)!

Take this painting, for example, that I recently completed:

"Southern Relic"

There's a piece of old rusted metal in there that I found in the gutter in New Orleans recently when I was there for Golden Art Educator training.

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