"Layers 2", mixed media abstract collage © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Layers 2"

When I was in New Orleans last October for the Golden Art Educators training, there were a number of artists in the group who were very good at this type of collage technique.

It looks so easy, but it is NOT.  The layering of different collage elements, bringing some forward, pushing some back, does not come easily to me.  I need lots more practice.

I'm just starting to experiment with gestural marks.  In this case, I started with some scribbles from an oil stick.  Later in the process, I used color shapers to inscribe the circles in the upper left quadrant.  This is a timing issue.  The bottom layer must be dry when you apply another layer.  When the top layer is still wet, you can draw into it and the bottom layer will show through.

The painting is on wc paper, and mounted on wood panel.  There are a number of artists who work this way.  The nice thing about painting on paper, followed by mounting, is that you don't mount
anything that is not successful to you the artist.

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