Art Unraveled - 2014, in Phoenix, AZ

I'm teaching this summer at Art Unraveled in Phoenix, AZ.  This will be an exciting event for me because I've never taught classes at the Art Unraveled event, and it's my first time teaching in Arizona.  Yes, I know Arizona in the middle of summer is very toasty, but we'll be in an air conditioned hotel.

I'm teaching three classes.  Click here to go to the Art Unraveled website, then click on "Artists", then scroll down to my name.

If my classes interest you (they're all fab), I suggest you reserve your spot early, because when they're full, they're full.


Sue Marrazzo said...

Congrats in AZ!!!!
Your work is great...and I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to attend this but the organizer won't provide their w-9 to businesses paying for employee attendance. This makes it impossible for school art teachers and government employees to attend. So sad