"Dream Remnants 2" mixed media contemporary abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Dream Remnants 2"

This is a commission piece I did for a client who saw another version of this painting on my website that was already sold.  I came pretty close to replicating the original work for her.

Although recreating a work I have done previously is not my favorite thing to do, this is the second one this month I've done that way.

The client fell in love with the COLORS.  What scares me is that her whole collection consists of realistic paintings, and this is her FIRST abstract.  I'm anxious to hear what she thinks of it.


Bren Thebeau said...

You never can predict who is going to like your abstracts. I have people buy my stuff that I would never have dreamed they would be drawn to it! Those are the most challenging commissions trying to recreate a sold piece!

Jane Hunt said...

this one really caught my eye Crol - beautiful!

Win Dinn said...

It`s a wonderful piece, and I`m sure your client will be over the moon - what a great way to go `to the dark side`for her!

Wallartidea said...

Love it.