"Wonders 1", mixed media forest tree abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Wonders 1

This is the first of a couple demo pieces I did for my recent workshop in Wisconsin.  I just finished touching them up today.  I often do finishing touches on demo pieces after I'm home. 

In a workshop environment, I'm anxious to get around to each student to help them, so I don't take time to add those critical finishing touches on my own piece.  Usually, however, it's those last few color and value corrections that make a huge difference in the overall painting.

This is a heavily textured mixed media painting on board.  Included are prepared tyvek, printed papers, crackle paste, mica flakes, cheescloth, and faux leather. For more information, click here to go to my website.


Sue Marrazzo said...


Julie Ford Oliver said...

This is a stunner!
Love your color choices to go with the great design.
There seems to be quite a bit of interesting texture and I wonder how long this one took?