"Edge of the Forest" textured landscape © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Edge of the Forest
This painting is so loaded with texture.  I used heavy applications of Custom Patch, Stucco Patch, and Crackle Paste.  Then use a couple texture tools to make marks in the mediums.


 I primed the canvas with Daniel Smith's gold gesso, so the painting has the sheen of the gold showing through here and there.  There are a number of colors that are not showing up that well in this photo, including ultramarine blue, phthalo turquoise, quinacridone violet, transparent red oxide, and nickel azo gold.

The tree trunks were mostly negatively painted, where I painted the background in and left the trunks.  Reminds me of the Michelangelo story where he starts on a block of marble and hammers off everything that is not David.

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Pam Altschwager said...

Lovely Carol, beautiful texture. One question - what do you mean by the "trees were mostly negatively painted?" Pam