Art project: the color wheel and color mixing by Carol Nelson

This is my grand daughter, Jaidyn.  She is almost 6, and likes to paint.  As a project to learn about the color wheel, and how to mix colors, I bought white t-shirts at Michaels.

Then we mixed colors with my Golden fluid acrylics according to the color wheel.  And we splattered them too. And we mixed compliments to make mud (but didn't put them on our shirts.)  Fun times.

Golden Artist Colors makes a fabric painting medium, GAC 900, which helps keep the colors soft and increases launderability.


Elizabeth Chapman said...

Cutest idea EVER!!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Great grandma time and she is wearing the perfect shorts!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!!! I'll do this with my granddaughters!!!!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I painted one of these shirts for everyone in a workshop I did. They were a great ice breaker and the workshop was lots of fun.
BUT...NO-ONE was as cute as the two of you in them@.