Gemstone 14A & B - mixed media abstract landscape © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Gemstone 14A, small 6x6

Gemstone 14B large 10x10

You may think you're seeing double.  You are.  I used the small 6x6 Gemstone 14, which was an "effortless abstract" I did for my workshop in Texas (Wenmohs Ranch) last week, as a template for a larger painting.

I've been telling my students that doing small paintings is like doing a sketch or workup for a larger work, so thought I had better practice what I preach and show you an example.

Sometimes smaller work does not enlarge well.  The charm of a small gem of a painting will not translate into a larger format.  I think the key is to USE the smaller image, but not to be a slave to it.  If you need to modify the larger painting by adding more detail, then do it.

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Bren said...

They make a great set, the tips on enlarging much appreciated

Catharina said...

I like it!