"Turquoise Mine" 13004, acrylic geologic abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Turquoise Mine

Yesterday I watched an abstract painting demo by Karen Roehl, an instructor at the Art Students League of Denver.  I tried applying her approach to abstraction to this painting, but it still came out looking exactly like one of my geologic abstract series. 

I will try again with her approach.  She articulated well what I pretty much do already.  Be free and loose in the early stages of a painting.  Start to work on the composition by simplifying into larger shapes.  Step back and check values and composition, tweaking as needed.

I would like to develop some abstract work that is a little more spontaneous, has more mark making and line, and uses more collage materials.

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Bren said...

Another beautiful piece, love that you never loose your own voice when trying out new things :-)

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Fabulous - really fabulous. Your work always brings pleasure and stimulates my desire to use better designs in my work.