Rust Experiments - Carol Nelson Fine Art

I have been busy experimenting.  I bought a product called Rust Antiquing Set.  It's a bottle of iron filings suspended in a paste, and an a bottle of rust activator.

When you smear the paste on a surface - I tried 300 lb watercolor paper and MDF board - let it dry, then add the activator, it eventually looks like a piece of rusted metal.

I embellished the colors a little - adding the blue tones and some transparent red oxide.

I am working on incorporating this rust element into a painting.  I can't wait to share this with my workshop in Dallas next week.

Cool stuff.


Mary Lou Arnold said...

Brilliant! I love love love your work - I have got to talk to our local art guild and have you come out for a workshop. Ever been to Prescott, AZ ?? :D

Brenda Thebeau said...

Love this! achieving the look of rust, so cool