"Sandstone" 12074, acrylic geologic abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


I did this painting a while ago on canvas glued and stretched over a panel.  It was an odd ball size (21x21 inches) so I didn't have a frame for it.

The other day, I noticed it sitting, rather forlornly, in my studio.  I thought it's time I get this thing mounted.  I'm very proud of the way my presentation LOOKS, but it WEIGHS a ton!

The painting is on a 1/4 inch MDF panel, which is mounted on a 1/2 inch panel with another 1/2 inch spacer for a "floating" look.
I used my new table saw to cut the frame pieces which are glued on to the supporting panel.

hammered copper spray paint on another painting
I know you can't tell from the photo, but I used some cool spray paint on the frame.  It's called hammered copper by Rustoleum and really looks like it.

As I was cleaning up from the spray job, I noticed how beautiful the paint looked on PAPER.

I sprayed an old painting that I had already partially deconstructed ( I love that term - it means I just ripped off some parts of the original collage).

To my surprise, the painted parts of the painting, "took" the hammered copper spray paint, but the raw paper exposed from tearing, did not!  I'm thinking I may have to explore this further!

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