"Flaming Gorge" 12066, mixed media geologic abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Flaming Gorge

This painting has a strong geologic feel to it, even though it is abstract.  I started out with a layer of metal leaf .  I'm sorry it's so hard to see the shine of the metal leaf in a photograph.

Then I painted several transparent and opaque layers, using water misting to get the paint to flow and a stream of hot air from a hair dryer to somewhat direct the flow.  Reminded me of herding cats (not that I've ever done that.)

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Bren said...

LOL, I know just what you mean about trying to direct that paint/water flow :-) These are wonderful abs with that southwest mountains feel. Always love your geo inspired pieces. Still wish you had a teaching DVD I'd buy them in a snap!

PURA said...

Great work - beautiful.
Greetings from Spain.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Such a wonderful piece to see as I came home!! Makes me almost ready to play with my abstract again! Ha...you da man my friend!,

jyoti kumar said...

Its really dynamic Carol...I love it...and your description of the process is also amusing...I wish cats be herded for they are quite a willful creatures and they so love their independence...I just love to visit your blog and see all your marvelous and unique work.It gives me immense joy.

Lilah said...

These are beautiful abstract pieces. They make me want to visit the Grand Canyon! Especially love the gold lining in them.