C2 - Random Assortment, 12062 mixed media wall sculpture by Carol Nelson Fine Art

C2 - Random Assortment

This is my second in my Combinations Series.  I am having fun with these little wall sculptures.  I am also getting better at using my new table saw.  At first I was afraid to use it. It has one big-a** 10" blade that is sharp and angry looking - kind of scary.  

So far, I still have all ten of my fingers and I love the way it makes doing 45 degree angles a cinch.

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ILLUMINATION by Pam Altschwager

Isn't this stunning?  It's a painting by my Australian friend, Pam Altschwager, who came all the way to Colorado to study with me for a week last March.  Now look what she's doing!!!
See Pam's blog - it's new so she only has one follower - me. LOL


Pam Holnback said...

These are wonderful!!

Pam Altschwager said...

Thank you Carol. I'm just so happy with this painting, I think it's a great testament to you as a teacher. You are so inspiring. Thank you for your encouragement and I was thrilled to see this on your site. Pam

Bren said...

I'm thinking Pam would say it was a week that made all the difference, beautiful work, looking forward to checking out her blog.
These new art pieces are wonderful, love the fun sense of play and the whole new dynamic they bring to your work.

ashok said...

you art works are superb! cheers!