"TULIP FIESTA" 12051, acrylic tulip flower contemporary painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Tulip Fiesta

This painting is on hold until mid June when I will find out if it has been juried into the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition later this year.  I haven't entered this prestigeous show for several years because one of the requirements is that the painting be on paper.  That means glass, matting and framing too.  Much more of a hassle than painting on canvas.

A painting of a bunch of tulips can be pretty ordinary until you cut it up and place the pieces on a contrasting background.  Now it's exciting! No more boring flower paintings!

If you have a boring painting of flowers (who doesn't), try cutting it up and putting the pieces on a background with dramatic value difference.

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Bren said...

What a great idea, this is wonderful. Good luck with gaining entrance into the Exhibition.

Diana Marshall said...

What a clever idea! You have a wealth of innovative ideas and I often come to your web-site for inspiration. Love your paintings and I wish I had to time to get back into abstract painting. Hope it gets juried into the show, good luck there.