"SPRING MIX", 12042, acrylic floral contemporary painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Spring Mix

detail view with silver threads
This is another demo of the faux batik method I showed my Park Hill class last week.  I just love that Thai Metallic Thread Unryu paper.  The threads are very thin, so you don't notice them until you move by the painting and you see glints of light.

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Last Sunday was the big Gala for the Painted Violin benefiting the Denver Young Artists Orchestra.  I am very happy to report that the violin I painted sold for $1000 !

I had hoped it would go up for auction, but someone bought it for full asking price ahead of time - a smart move because Who knows how much they would have gotten for it if auctioned.

"Autumn Song" painted violin

It was a fantastic fundraiser, and I'm happy to have been a 
part of it.


Bren said...

love those florals, those glints of gold would just bekon a closer look.
Wise buyer, nabbing it before anyone else got a shot at your beautiful violin!

Gutsy Arts Girl said...

When I see your work I drool...and then I think...YAY, I get to study with her in August. SO lucky am I says she. :-)

Congrats on the Violin sale. That was a beautiful way to engage the idea.

Karen Bruson said...

Gorgeous violin! Congrats!