"BLUE BLISS," 12043, acrylic hydrangea flower painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Blue Bliss

detail shot showing gold threads

This is a demo painting using the faux batik method.  I used rice paper that has gold threads (also comes in silver) running through it.  You can also see the fine lines created in the batik process.

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Over the weekend, I taught a two day workshop for the Heritage Fine Arts Guild in Denver.  There were 21 student artists in the class, which is more than I prefer in my workshops because it's so hard
to give everyone the personal attention they need.

Here's a few of the mixed media abstracts they created after learning all about combusted foils, tyvek, Custom Patch stencils, foam plate abstracts, and lots of other techniques and materials.


Bren said...

That was one great workshop because look at the beautiful art pieces that came out of it!

Carol Watson said...

Thanks for sharing these. They're beautiful and so diverse! I'm amazed at how prolific you are, Carol, and how inspirational you are to your students.