"PERPETUAL MOTION" 12030, contemporary, mixed media textured abstract triptych © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Perpetual Motion

A triptych always says more than a solitary painting.  This group of three is a vibrant, boisterous celebration of colors and textures.
All three pieces are sold together as a triptych.

If something looks vaguely familiar, it's because I posted the first one of this group a couple weeks ago.  Remember this one that I was lukewarm about?

I wasn't really happy with this painting, even though some of you had very encouraging things to say about it.  You can see the revised version is on the right side of the triptych.  I jazzed up the color a LOT.

My husband - ever the critic - when asked what he thought would be a good name for this painting, said "Yuk, Yuk, and Yuk."  I laughed because I KNEW he would not like this one.  Ha ha.  He doesn't like abstracts, as you might have guessed.

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