"LAVENDER WOOD" 12034, mixed media tree abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Lavender Wood

This painting features textured trees on a textured background.  Did I mention there was a lot of texture?

The "bushes" are made from shotgun paper target remnants.  What???
I was at a shooting range with my husband and son-in-law.  They were shooting at paper targets with their shotguns.  All over the ground were these lovely paper target pieces shot full of holes.  YOU CAN'T BUY PAPER LIKE THAT!

They thought I was nuts to be picking that stuff up.  Click on the painting to enlarge it to get a good look at the paper.

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Bren said...

Girl your mind never shuts down! Love how the target pieces look in this beautiful lavender woods. Another beautiful piece for your series.

dorothy byers lorenze said...

love your mystical woods