"GOLD AND RED LEAVES" 12023, mixed media aspen leaves collage © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Gold and Red Leaves

The second in my current leaf series, Gold and Red Leaves, is similar to Green and Blue Leaves in every way except color family.

Sorry for the uninspired titles.  What else are you going to call these decorative panels of leaves?  I decided to go with a descriptive title instead of something like "Autumn Dance."

These leaves are shaped like aspen leaves, but they're a little oversized - more like a cottonwood leaf without the serrated edge.

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Bren said...

another beautiful panel piece. Love the colour combo

Jean Baardsen said...

How about "Leaf Me Alone"? Kidding.... I agree that it's difficult to keep coming up with new names. I did a bunch of abstracts once and named them all after fruits.

Carol Nelson said...

In my workshops, I make sure the students come up with a name for their abstracts.

I think names are important and they give the viewer a little insight into what the artist was thinking when the painting was created.