Works available at auction on

Heart on the Mend

Polka Dot Heart

Announcement: I'm excited to tell you that these two works are now AT AUCTION on Daily  The opening bid for each one is $75.  Check out the auction for Polka Dot Heart here.
Check out the auction for Heart on the Mend here.

The auctions create a unique buying opportunity for you to own one of these original paintings for as little as $75.


WORKSHOP:  There are a few spots left in my one day workshop on 2/11/2012. 
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Stacey Ball said...

beautiful pieces! I am very fond of the polka dot, multi-colored heart piece:-)

Donna W. Goodwin said...

I love Heart on the Mend! Appeals to me on so many levels. It has inspired me to work with Crackle paste a bit. Thank you!