"POPPY SKETCH 12019, acrylic floral poppy painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Poppy Sketch

This painting was done with acrylic paints and a Sanford Noblot Ink Pencil.  I thought I was buying a drawing pencil, and instead I noticed when I got home that it was "a bottle of ink in a pencil."

I sketched in the poppies. When I added water and acrylic paints, the pencil line bled and turned blue.  Shocking, but cool effect.

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Jean Baardsen said...

I love the effect! It makes it look like a watercolor painting.

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

you are definitely the poppy queen my friend! SUCH FUN!! Love those happy accidents!

Sunny Avocado said...

A happy accident? I likee!