"OPERETTA" 12017 mixed media contemporary textured abstract painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art


wall view

This painting gets it's name from the musical symbols printed in the piece.  Unlike grand opera, which is always tragic, operettas are kind of like the chick flick of opera.  There is romance, music and dancing and more of a light humorous approach.

This painting reminded me of a playbill pasted on a wall somewhere.  It has textural elements such as Egyptian papyrus paper, printed papers, and strips of painted watercolor paper.

The close color harmony of the palette, primarily metallic tones of copper and bronze, with a touch of lavender and red oxide, makes this painting soothing.  The dramatic value (dark vs. light) shifts make it a dynamic piece.

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Grace | employment posters said...

I love the shift in dark versus light. I hope you could create more paintings like this since its very inspiring!

Bren said...

Love this new focus in your work Carol, brilliantly done. I can feel the warmth of those metallics from here!