"HEADLINES" 12016, contemporary mixed media collage abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


I am excited about this piece.  I consider it a keystone painting, in that I have never successfully done anything quite like this before. It could signal a new direction I may want to pursue.

It does not fit into my current series of geologic abstracts or forest abstracts.  It is totally nonrepresentational. 

I would say it is a celebration of texture, somewhat muted color, and composition.  Creating a painting like this somewhat like a Japanese Zen garden, where every stone, every plant, is carefully placed to create a harmonious environment.

As I worked on this painting, it was a matter of placing the various patterns and texture elements, then building up layers until it looked harmonious, or Zen-like, to me. There were several points during which I had to step away and do something else, so that when I came back to the painting again, I saw it with fresh eyes.

As with all abstracts, I did not have a vision in my mind of the completed painting.  Instead, the painting evolved as it was being created.

Surprisingly, my husband did not say YUK when he saw it - he's not a fan of abstract.  He even came up with the title, which I kind of like because of the lettering and the complexity of the piece.

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Saundra Lane Galloway said...

VERY EXCITING piece Carol...I DO hope you explore this some more...I LOVE this...you have something here...!

Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

Very cool, Carol! Love all that texture.

Katherine Thomas said...

Some day I am going to buy one of your pieces. I just love seeing them! Wow!

Bren said...

You amaze me, you are always coming up with new ideas and this one is extraordinary. I love it, everything about it, what a great new direction to pursue

Vernita Bridges Hoyt said...

You have a wonderful composition in this piece. I really, really like it a lot.

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks everyone. It's always good for your creative energy to try something new.

Carol Wiebe said...

Utterly gorgeous.