"PORTAL" 12007, mixed media contemporary abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


Sometimes, when you go back through old paintings done years earlier, you fine one that would benefit from the knowledge you have attained during the intervening years.

That was the case with this paper collage painting.  I really wish I had taken a "before" picture.  Compositionally, this is a better painting. Color wise, it is a hell of a better painting, if I do say so myself.

Originally, I had a muted blue, green, brown and gray palette. Blech.  I made the blue more purple, the green more turquoise, and the brown more orange.  Added a tiny bit of red.  Those warm tones on a predominantly cool toned painting really give it sparkle.

The white is the torn edge of the paper.  For more information on this painting, click here to go to my website.

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