"BOOGIE WOOGIE" 12001, textured geometric abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Boogie Woogie

close up detail

I had fun painting this geometric abstract.  I didn't have anything in particular in mind other than I wanted to use some little wood squares as a surface treatment.  I am partial to squares for some unknown reason.  

The surface of the panel is heavily textured.  Once I embedded the squares on to the surface, I covered them with gold metallic origami foil.  They really glow and catch the light.

I was very loose with the pattern layout and did not use a ruler.  I didn't want it to be so precise that it looked machine-made.

When I was trying to think of a suitable title, I was reminded of Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie because of it's busy little squares.  

Mondrian painted this abstract after the Boogie Woogie dance form became famous in the 30's.  I would buy this painting for the name alone - it makes you happy.

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Christian Art said...

Nice theme!

The presentation of the theme Much nice..

Boggie Woogie

Maria Bennett Hock said...

I love the name and the whole feeling of the piece. And I love that it makes you happy...what could be better than that. It makes me happy to.

Bren said...

love Boogie Woogie! a fun title for a great piece. Here's a little fun info on Universal Shapes by Angeles Arrien, and your love of squares.
"The Square Symbolizes: Stability, Solidity, and Security
Meaning: Drawing a square mirrors the process of constructing a foundation. These people are ready to build, to implement a plan, and to manifest ideas. They need consistency, accountability, and completion.
In Relationships: People in this process value integrity and authenticity, as well as responsibility and accountability. Actions speak louder than words in dealing with people in this process. They feel loved and supported when you are honest, direct, clear, responsible and dependable. Do what you say.
Underlying Fear: nothing will be accomplished and their efforts will be a waste of time and energy"

Carol Nelson said...

Thanks everyone.
Bren - that analysis of "square people" is spot on!!
I was shocked how much it mirrors my personality. Thank you so much for finding that and posting it.

Maria Bennett Hock said...

Love the analysis! While reading the comments my iPod played "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" by the Andrews Sisters...a coincidence? I thought it was funny...

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

the colors are enough to make me want to boogie woogie! FUN piece Carol...and I was intrigued by Bren's analysis of square things as well!! FUN DOINS over here!!

Christiane Kingsley said...

I love the painting and found out that I am a "square" person:-)