"FIRMAMENT" 11084, mixed media contemporary abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


I wonder if you can guess how big this painting is.  To me, it looks big on the screen, but it is actually only 6x6 inches.

This is another example of finding art when you're not looking for it.  Remember the painting I did using a pair of socks for the color palette?

This painting happened on it's own - with a little help from me.  It's another of painting on a foam plate that I used as a palette.
I was not aware, as I used the plate, that a tiny abstract was forming right under my nose.

Before I tossed the used plate, I looked at it and thought, hmmmmm.
I added a few strips of copper foil (which did not photograph well) to give it a little mixed media pizazz.

It's mounted on a 6x6 hardboard panel.  Click here to go to my website for purchase information.


Carol Blackburn said...

How awesome is that!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Carol.

Katherine Thomas said...

That's so cool the way this gorgeous piece evolved! It's a stunning abstract!

Bren said...

you just never know do you? Love the richness of this, the colour combination is fantastic

Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

Wow, only 6x6 inches? I thought was huge! Lovely little artwork.