"THREE REDS" 11078, textured red poppy painting © Carol Nelson Fine Art

Three Reds
This was a demo I did for a class recently.  I was showing them how to sculpt the poppy petals using acrylic medium or Custom Patch. 

The background was black and purple originally.  Then I painted over that with a warm gray color and spritzed it with alcohol resulting in those little circles where the darker background shows through.

Alcohol spritz on an acrylic painting is something I can't seem to demo enough.  For students that failed Alcohol 101, I can only say practice makes perfect.  Doing the perfect alcohol spritz is somewhat of an art form in itself.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely Carol! Have never used alcohol on a painting myself. Great results for your.

Carol Nelson said...

You should try it. The background has to be dry. Paint a contrasting color on top. Before the paint dries, spray a light mist of alcohol on the painting.
The idea is to have little drops of alcohol fall into the wet paint. The alcohol causes little holes in the wet paint film to appear.