Mixed Media Poppy Workshop

Here's the creative group that took my textured poppy workshop.  We started out by painting and sculpting a single poppy on a small canvas.

Then, after they practiced the technique of sculpting the petals using a palette knife and acrylic medium on small supports, they created a larger painting using the same technique for the flowers, and choosing from a large variety of mixed media for the background.

My demo painting featured my "sock palette" from a pair of socks I bought just because I liked the colors.

  As you can see I was able to match the colors in the socks exactly - a fun challenge.  I used transparent red oxide, raw sienna, paynes gray, black, white, and a touch of dioxazine purple.


Carol Blackburn said...

Sure looks like lots of fun, Carol.

Bren said...

Oh nicely done, love that sock palette :-)
Sounds like a great class, I'm sure they picked up all manner of great ideas and new techniques. I keep hoping you will do an on line class or series of DVD's for those of us who live so very far away.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful~! Love that sock palette. I'll have to try it out. :D