"PUEBLO SUNSET" 11068, mixed media abstract desert landscape © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Pueblo Sunset"

This is the second of two demos I did for my Park Hill art class.  If you look carefully, you will see that it has the SAME design pattern as the previous painting, Rip Tide (see below.)

The whole top level is golden foil which, unfortunately, does not photograph well to show it's luminosity.  The purple layer is some texture medium into which I scored some marks using a plastic fork.

Coming down from the hill is an area textured with crushed walnut shells.  The shells were given to me by a student at a previous workshop - they have a wonderful textural quality.

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Bren said...

Beautiful, bet it looks fantastic in person. Love the crushed walnuts, what a fun idea for texture

Carol Blackburn said...


Deb Ammerman said...

This is so wonderful! I wish I could take one of your workshops!