Habitat for Humanity donation.

"Habitat for Birds"

I get myself in trouble by agreeing, or signing up to do things that seem far-off in the future.  Well, the future is now here and it all seems to be descending on my this month with 5 opening receptions at shows in which I have work on display.  I also have to teach a 2 day workshop, start teaching a 5 week class, and had this fundraiser piece due.

The above piece I kind of threw together, this time to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  The premise was that selected artists got to go to a Habitat store in Denver, select up to $100 in merchandise, and create a painting with it.

The show is called "Open Doors," so many artist picked up a door and painted on it.  I wanted to do something different.  After all, mixed media is right up my alley.  I wandered around the store, where all the merchandise is donated, trying to find stuff that would inspire a painting.

In keeping with my forest abstract series, I came up with this from the pieces of wood, MDF board, tile, marble trim, and stair banister spindles.  In retrospect, it would have been much easier to just paint something on a door.


Sharon Wright said...

A wonderful piece, as is all your work, different and inspiring. You wouldn't really wish you had painted a door!

Deb Ammerman said...

First of all, let me say that I think it is wonderful how you do artwork for donations. I am sure that your work will bring in a nice sum of money to help people in need. I think the piece is wonderful, although I am sure it was not as "easy" as painting a door, the extra effort on your part was so worth it! Fantastic job!

Carol Blackburn said...

Carol I don't think you would have been happy with "easy." This is beautiful and done in the true spirit of habitat for humanity. Anyone can paint something on an old door but this opens the door to into the world of art and inspires hope in that something beautiful can come out of the ordinary and mundane.

siggiofmaine said...

I love this idea...it is beautiful ...and understand about simply painting being easier than mixed media...but the finished product is so satisfying ... don't you think?

This door is going to bring a good price for the fund raiser in my opinion.☺.
☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

chicfullaideas said...

Okay Mz. Carol you're right. It might have been easier but BAM! This is AMAZING! You get my "CREATIVE HERO OF THE DAY" award for sure. Kudos to you and your extremely kind heart!
Katie :)