"EVENTIDE" 11066, mixed media forest tree abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This is another in my forest abstract series of mixed media paintings. The painting panel is floated over a support panel.  I like this presentation method because no matter what size my painting is, I can cut a support panel to size.

The painting itself is just what I was going for.  I'm very pleased with it.  I seem to be stuck in a color rut of gold, red, and purple, however.  You can see that this piece has a lot of collage and texture elements.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Another winner,in my book. Very beautiful, Carol.

Bren said...

another amazing piece for the series. Love the layout of this one, with all it's interesting textures and nuances. I hear you about colour palette, why do we return over and over to the same colours? If you figure it out let me know :-)

Diana Marshall said...

This looks great even if the colours aren't true, I love the way it's mounted too.
It's so annoying when things change, you get used to certain programs and how they work and then you have to start from scratch again when your comp. crashes double pain!