"CALICO ORCHARD" 11067, impressionism tree orchard © Carol Nelson Fine Art

"Calico Orchard"
This painting has a lot of texture that, of course, does not photograph well.  This was a demo piece I did at a recent workshop.
It is covered with epoxy resin, so would be safe in any indoor environment.

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Today I took my grand daughter shopping for her 14th birthday.  She found lots of duds and I found this pair of socks.  What's so great about these socks?

Look at the color palette - I love it!  To me it looks like red oxide, quin nickel azo gold, raw sienna, and paynes gray.

I think I'll have my experimental acrylics class do a painting using this sophisticated palette next session.


This poster announces the Floral Invitational at AUM Gallery in Denver.  That my painting on the left.


Bren said...

great new piece, I'm very drawn to the background on this one, love the feel of it and the colours and textures.
Love the sock palette, will look forward to seeing what your students produce with these great colours and you as well.
The AUM sign looks wonderful with your piece on it :-)

Saundra Lane Galloway said...

Love this tree piece Carol...in fact, I'm in awe of all your forest series! I especially like the way the "grid" patternish design in back is slightly off kilter...adds to interest! Color scheme is awesome!! FUN!