Westminster CO Workshop

This is the group of talented artists and I had the pleasure of teaching at my latest workshop in Westminster.  There were beginning artists and many with years of experience.  What they all eagerly learned were my methods and techniques for creating abstract mixed media paintings.

Sponsored by the North Metro Arts Alliance, organizer Becky Silver made sure there was a well stocked table of snacks, and that our every need was taken care of. The first evening, Becky invited everyone to her gallery, AAR RIVER GALLERY, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner and relaxed with a glass (or two) of wine . Two days of cloudy, damp weather finally gave way to a beautiful sunny day with views of the Front Range of the Rockies.

I'm always so delighted when students put their new knowledge to work to produce some very attractive mixed media pieces.





And there were many, many more beautiful paintings that I didn't get to photograph.

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Ann Gorbett said...

Those are fabulous. What a fun workshop!

Kathy Cousart said...

Looks like an amazing workshop and that there were so many fabulous pieces of art created. Fun!

Bren said...

I keep hoping you will put all that knowledge down in a book someday. Your workshops look like so much fun and full of terrific ideas and techniques.

Marilyn Woodcock said...

Thanks Carol, I had a wonderful time in Westminster with you. Learned so much. Are you going to the Art of the Carolinas'? My paintings that you did look wonderful in my home. The kids went nuts over them.
I sent to the rock and mineral show. Got some petrified snails, shells sawed into thin layers, and copper droppings from welding that made all types of colors.

SmyliH said...

It was a great workshop. I learned so much and had fun too! Thank you Carol for sharing ideas and teaching techniques. Really got my creative spark going. And, you were right, my piece looks fabulous with the epoxy!