This month is crazy.

In case you're wondering if I fell off a cliff, or something, no I'm still around.  I tried to cram in too much stuff in too small a time slot.
Last weekend I was as an art fair, the Colorado Artfest at Castle Rock.  It was ideal weather conditions, but it seems like most people are holding on to their wallets pretty tightly lately.

I sold 5 paintings, two of which were large works, so I'm not complaining.  Last year at this show, however, I sold 17 paintings.  That's what the economic turmoil is doing to artists.  After all, people buying art have all their other bills taken care of.



These are the two larger works that sold.  The lower one was part of my new series which will feature abstracted tree forms.

Wish I could show you some new work, but I have been busy getting ready for a three day workshop that starts tomorrow in Westminster, CO.  After that, I can take a deep breath and maybe even paint a little.


Diana Marshall said...

Love your new tree series, very exciting. It's great to get inspiration and a new direction, it really gets ones creative juices flowing.

Kathy Cousart said...

Congrats on the sales- love your work and they are lucky collectors:) Seems like everyone is crazy lately...hang in there!

Carol Blackburn said...

The first one looks like the old rugged cross backlit and it is awesome, Carol. I wonder if that is what the buyer thought, too.

Deb Ammerman said...

With the economy being what it is today, I think artists need to think of shows as a way of advertising and gaining interest in their work, not just a "storefront"... selling your work at the shows is of course one goal, however, it should not end there. Do you have books of your work that you sell? I paid $30 for an 8x8 full color book from an artist I like. How about a box of note cards with a series of your paintings on them? How about Mouse Pads or other novelty items with one of your paintings on it? The sale of these items can pay for themselves and help pay the expenses you have to show your work, but most importantly, it keeps your name and how to find your work in front of your customers after they leave the show. The note cards, books and novelty items can also be sold on your web site. Of course free items like business cards (these should have at least one of your paintings on them) and brochures to hand out are extremely important... especially as you have work shops to promote. I know it's hard not to be disappointed or discouraged that you did not sell as many paintings as your did last year, but hopefully you gained interest in your work that will lead to future sales.

suzanneberry said...

carol, your work continues to inspire me. these two pieces are just wonderful. congratulations on your sales and good luck getting it all done! amazing work!

Barb said...

I love the New World painting. It shows a lot of demension. I agree, the economy effects everyone.