If you live in the Denver area, registration for membership, workshops and classes is going on NOW at the
Park Hill Art Club.
This art organization offers workshops, classes, meeting demos and biannual art shows for members only.  Annual membership fee is $30.

The deadline for registration is August 22, 2011.  Call membership chairperson, Marcia Williams, for a class schedule.  303-755-4686 or  There are 4 workshops and 12 classes to choose from on the fall schedule.

I will be teaching a class (EXPERIMENTAL ACRYLICS) on Thursdays from 9am to 4pm.  Please see my website for more information.

Class 12B: Experimental Acrylics Carol Nelson

Acrylics are the only fine art medium in which there is seemingly no limit to the number of textural effects you can achieve. In this class will you will experiment with several different acrylic textures, with an emphasis on abstract design and collage. We will review materials that can be added to acrylic paint to create interesting and unique effects. You will be making your own collage papers and experimenting with different metal foils.
This class will include color theory and abstract design.  My "Grab Bag" painting method will take the mystery out of abstract composition.  With this technique, you can be working on several paintings simultaneously, each at a different level of completion, and still keep your head on! See Carol' Work at
All skill levels $74

  Remember, you must register
    by August 22, 2011.

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Bren said...

If only I lived handier, this is right up my alley. Know you are going to have a great class, even without me :-)