"WOODED WEAVE" 11044, daily painter mixed media abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


This painting is on gallery wrap canvas.  It has multiple layers of collaged material including foils, textured papers, and cut up strips of old paintings (notice I didn't say "failed" paintings.)

In some of my workshops, when we're searching for the elusive "something" that will make a painting click, laying these random strips of color over the design will often add the needed random element that brings it all together.

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Martha Kisling said...

Love the woven strips Carol - great piece!

Penny Waller said...

Carol, I live in Ontario, just east of Toronto...and would love to come play in your studio for several days. Your art is beautiful, colourful has great personality!
Love it, Love it, Love it
Interior Designer and wannabe artist!

Anonymous said...

Love this latest piece called "Woven Strips". It has a lot of depth to hold the viewer's eye. Gerri