MUD show at DAM

This is my grand daughter, Zetana, and I standing in an new exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.  The exhibit is called MUD and features all kinds of ceramics and pottery. This scene was so surreal because of the vibrating orange and blue tiles.

The floor Zetana is standing on is little hollow cylinders of glazed and unglazed pottery pieces.  I liked the clicking sound they made when you walked on them.

This was a huge installation of glass/ceramic works.  Must have taken forever to set this up.  Impressive for it's sheer size, but at the same time, looked like a pile of (dare I say it?) junk.

This was a elegant looking exhibit because of the lights.  The hanging things are all ceramic (I think.)

Here I am in the red fox exhibit.  I've seen this exhibit before and it is awesome.  There are several gray fox sculptures frolicking around in a restaurant setting where everything - walls, tables, chairs, dishes, etc. - is red.


Kelley Sanford said...

Carol, looks like a fun and interesting show. Glad you could share it with your granddaughter.

Lokelani Forrest said...

Wow...what an exhibit. One's mind would have to be abstract to come up with such creations. I wonder where someone would get the idea of foxes playing in a all red restaurant?? Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.