"MONDRIAN - ZORN" 11034, daily painter mixed media abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This painting exhibits the design made famous by Piet Mondrian (straight lines dividing up the space), the color palette of Anders Zorn (yellow ochre, cadmium red, black, white), plus several textural elements (newsprint, acrylic medium grid pattern, crackle paste.)

Yes, the black lines ARE straight - the camera distorts them slightly.

It is a demo piece for my Metals and Mixed Media workshop.  In the workshop, students choose from several design patterns, several color palettes, and numerous texture effects to make their own unique abstract paintings.

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James said...

Thanks Carol for introducing us to MONDRIAN - ZORN at the Granbury workshop. Great fun.

Dewberry Fine Art said...

What a great combo Carol. Mondrian and Zorn are favorites of mine. You have taken them to a new high. One of these days I would love to take your workshop.