This is the group of hearty souls who took my workshop in Granbury, Texas, sponsored by the Lake Granbury Art Association.  They were all very willing to step out of their comfort zone and try the new methods and materials I brought to the workshop.  As you can see below, they produced some incredible mixed media pieces.

I wish I had taken more time in photographing each piece individually.  There are many more I didn't even get to photograph.
The ubiquitous Nancy Standlee was taking her second workshop from me.  She seems to be everywhere, often taking workshops back to back. Reading Nancy's blog is the next best thing to actually being in attendance at a workshop because of her amusing and informative accounts.  Click here to read Nancy's post about the Granbury workshop.


Nancy Standlee said...

And we're already missing our 9:00 AM meetings and 7:00 PM dinners. It was a very special time to learn new techniques and renew friendships. You went beyond our expectations to make sure we experienced "metals and mixed media".

Bren said...

I'd say you had a great workshop because your students turned some beautiful works of art!

Carol Blackburn said...

Looks interesting, Carol. And they look like a fun bunch of folk.

Debbie Lincoln said...

Carol - I am still smiling with all I learned this past week...thank you SO much!

Hey - I searched eBay and found lots of people selling large sheets of tyvek as ground covers for camping....
here is one for example that works out to costing a little over 27 cents per square foot - including shipping.
There IS printing on one side, tho, so I don't know if that matters.

Enterprising business, huh? :-)

I will continue to watch your blog - Your work always amazes me and makes me smile....

Dee Day Casstevens said...

Carol, your workshop was a wonderful experience for me and I know all the others in our class. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I hope you come back to Granbury, we would all love to have you and learn more from you.
Dee Day Casstevens

Connie Michael said...

I was so tickled to meet you, at last. On top of that, it was a special treat to see your work up close and personal. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

It's funny isn't it, how some art just makes your heart sing?

Today I've been playing with pouring over some small canvas paintings. 4x4 (1.5 deep) Since I've never been much of a pour-er, this has been a trip. The hardest thing for me to do is STEP AWAY from the painting and let whatever is going to happen, happen. Right now they are really wet and I love they way they look. It's when they dry and lose their color intensity that I stick them back in the closet. This time, though, I'm going to epoxy and see what happens. Will keep you posted.

Wish I could just hop on a plane and come up to your next workshop! I'm glad to have a job, but it sure interferes with my fun! :)


SharonMcGlasson said...

Carol, it was a great workshop. You have such a cute personality, you made it fun for all of us, AND it was very relaxing. We totally love the new ideas, and Epoxy. Fondly, Sharon

Kathy McMahon said...

Hi All…after 4 days, I really miss your faces! How nice to have the photos as a reminder of our time together with Carol.
I wish I’d taken more (and better) photos but, we were so busy…
I’m attaching the odds and ends of photos I have in 3 installments
Peace and happiness to all…hope our paths cross again.
Kathy McMahon