"RUBY PALISADE" 11029, daily painter geologic mixed media abstract 7copy; Carol Nelson Fine Art


If ever a photo does not do a painting justice, it is this one.  This painting has layer after layer of glazes of color.  This makes it look very rich in both color and texture.

My goal was to create an almost monochromatic color scheme in the red family, but close inspection reveals pinks, purples, golds, greens and browns.

I used several metallic foils that have glazes of color over them.  Their soft sheen still shows through.  For more information on this latest in my geologic abstract series, click here to go to my website.


Katherine Thomas said...

This is beautiful. I would love to see it in person and see all the subtle blendings and nuances, and the texture. I know its sometimes frustrating when the photo doesnt show enough of that. But your work is still gorgeous in the photos. So unique and creative and expressive. Congratulations!

Bren said...

I know this would be even more in person, but it is glorious in my eyes via the internet. Wonderful colour and texture

FasiArts said...

Very nicely done.