"RED TREES" 11024, daily painter abstracted landscape © Carol Nelson Fine Art

This painting is very loose and impressionistic and I had a blast painting.  You would not believe the number of steps involved.  Start with YUPO paper - that plastic watercolor paper where the paints have incredible movement.
Stretch imitation spider webbing (a Halloween staple) across the paper and secure it with push pins.  Spray intensely colored Robert Doak watercolors on it and let the colors flow together.

That's the fun part because you never know what you're going to get - like the box of chocolates in Forrest Gump's world.
Stare at the paper and move it all around for at least 20 minutes.
When something finally emerges from the painting, paint NEGATIVELY all around the subject with fluid acrylics!

Wondering what negative painting is?  Start with a sheet of, say, green paper and paint everything that isn't a tree a different color.
It's rather like the old story of Michelangelo when asked how he sculpted the figure of David.  He said he started with a block of marble and chipped away everything that wasn't David.

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Here's some areas from the same sheet of yupo on which I experimented with clear tar gel and Robert Doak intense watercolors.

Hard to believe all of these were on the same sheet of yupo.


Anonymous said...

Carol, you are such an inspiration and this is gorgeous!

Jane Hunt said...

Ohh - I love this. Beautiful colors!

Anonymous said...

They remind me so much as Robert Burridge style. Very well done!

Anonymous said...

This is such great work!!

Marla said...

Carol, this piece is fabulous. So much energy. Sounds like a fascinating technique, it's good to try something completely different once in a while. Spider webbing, who woulda thought? :)

Carol Nelson said...

I did learn of this technique from Robert Burridge. It's really a fun approach.