"LINES AND CIRCLES" 11022, daily painter geometric mixed media abstract © Carol Nelson Fine Art


This mixed media triptych was originally conceived as a vertical triptych with one panel hanging above the other, but I kind of like the off center 2:1 configuration.

Notice that during the assembly of this piece, I carefully maintained the spacing between each panel with pieces of wood.  Of course, the highly reflective parts made photography a nightmare.

I am going to finish the pieces with a layer of clear epoxy resin.  Since that only adds to the photography headaches, these photos were taken before the epoxy was applied.

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Deb said...

Hi Carol, I'm a long time admirer of your work but haven't been here for a while. I see you are still pushing the limits and experimenting with new materials. All of your work is so lively and invigorating, whether it's the portraits(my favorites), the poppies, or the abstracts. Way to go!!


Like it vertical so much more Carol! And a darker palette than you typically use. Earthy and bold.

Bren said...

Darn I want to stand in the corner and watch you work and then i want to stand in front of these pieces and just absorb the effects you achieve. Can you tell I love these, now you know what to do with geometrics!

Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful, Carol. You are very skilled at this art form.

Julie Beck said...

very cool!